Plant & Equipment

Plant and Equipment

PMK Civil Engineering Limited have invested substantially in their own vehicles, plant and equipment throughout the years, and replace items on a 4 yearly cycle to ensure that all equipment is continually upgraded with the ever evolving health and safety features and attachments produced by the manufacturers.

The following Equipment is owned by the Company and serviced and maintained via the procedures within our QUENSH Management System:

Vehicles Mobile Plant Cable Plant & Accessories Plant Accessories
32t Hiabs
26t Hotboxes
Low Loader Hiab Vehicle
7.5t Tippers
HGV Lorries
2 – 5 man Pickups
Transit Vans
4 x 4 Vehicles
8t Excavators
5t Excavators
3t Excavators
1t Excavators & Trailers
Case Trencher/Topcutter
Hydraulic Breakers
Twin Drum Ride on Vibrating Rollers
Single Drum Vibrating Rollers
5t Cable Winch
Capstan Winches
Cable Blowing Equipment
4 way Radios
14t Stone Cart
4t, 12t Stone Cart
10t Drum Carriages
3t Drum Carriages
Triple Cable Drum Trailer
Tractor Low Loader
Tractor Dump Trailer